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Personal Loan Features

Personal loan eligibility depends on certain significant factors like your fixed monthly income, your age and nature of employment, professional experience and CIBIL score etc. Personal details required for quick disbursal of personal loans from RDQ Finserv, the no 1 finance company in Kolkata West Bengal, include PAN Number, CIBIL score and your KYC documents.

Eligibility checklist for salaried people:

  • Between the ages of 21 and 58 years
  • Minimum monthly income of 15,000
  • 1-year work experience

Documents Required

Now that you know the eligibility criteria and find yourself eligible for the loan, let us look at the documents you need to submit.

  • Photo Identity Proof
  • Income Proof
  • Salary Slips
  • Address Proof documents
  • Employment Certificate

CIBIL Score: Need and Importance

You must be wondering why the CIBIL score is so important. Let us first understand what a CIBIL Score is. By definition, the CIBIL Score represents the consumer’s credit score. It summarises the consumer’s credit history and redefines it in the form of a 3 digit number between the range of 300 and 900. This score reflects the person’s entire credit profile.

It plays a decisive role in the personal loan sanction process because:

  • It gives us an indication of your credit status
  • It impacts your loan interest rates, tenure, amount and EMI
Rdq Finserv cibil score for personal loans
Rdq Finserv personal loan emi calculator

Personal Loan EMI Calculator

With the CIBIL Score taken care of, you need to know the EMI you pay when you avail of a loan from us. There are two components to the EMI; the principal amount and the interest component.

Use our personal loan EMI calculator to understand your comfort level regarding the:

  • EMI amount
  • EMI Tenure

Apply for a Personal Loan

The actual loan application process can be done in two different ways. To apply for the loan offline:

  • Visit our nearest RDQ Finserv branch or contact our representative over the phone
  • Submit hard copies of the personal loan application along with the documents required

It takes a few days for us to process your application. If approved, we will inform you immediately about it.

To get instant approval go online and apply for loan by:

  • Registering on our app
  • Acquiring loan eligibility
  • Furnishing the required documents
Rdq Finserv apply for personal loans in kolkata & india
Rdq Finserv emi interest rates

Personal Loan EMI options

As the no 1 finance company in Kolkata West Bengal, we offer you the facility to pay off your sanctioned loan amount in EMIs. You repay the principal loan amount and the interest consistently every month during the tenure of the loan. The calculation of the interest depends on the principal loan amount sanctioned.

6 reasons why you should choose us

Rdq Finserv trusted personal loan company in kolkata & india
RDQ Finserv is a name you can trust

Your desires and needs are paramount for us. When you approach us, we listen to you, guide you at every step and offer personalised financial solutions.

Rdq Finserv instant personal loan sanctions
Loan sanction without collateral

Yes, you heard it right! We feel your dreams should not suffer for want of collateral. We have done away with the need for security to cover the personal loan sanctioned for you.

Rdq Finserv flexible personal loan interest rate
Loan flexibility

This rules every aspect of our loan. You choose the EMI amount and your EMI tenure. No worries, No tension. You pay off your loan the way you want.

Rdq Finserv personal loan lowest interest rate in kolkata & india
Attractive rate of interest

Competitive, affordable and tailored to your convenience and ability to pay, our interest rates attract because we understand you and feel for you.

Rdq Finserv flexible personal loans
Customised loan

Satisfaction through personalisation. This is our motto. We strive to ensure your satisfaction because you are not just a form to us. We know needs and capabilities vary. That one solution does not fit all.

Rdq Finserv minimum documents for instant personal loan
Fast TAT

Minimum documentation and loan approval within minutes. That is the way we work. You submit some mandatory information like your income and purpose for your loan. We take care of the rest and transfer the amount to your bank.


The process is swift and easy. You provide us with the required details like your PAN number, CIBIL Score and KYC documents, copies of your payslips, bank statements and address proof. For more details, go through our Personal loan eligibility and Documents required sections.

We, at RDQ Finserv, provide loans starting from 25,000 to a maximum of 3, 00,000. We approve of the loan amount depending on your eligibility.

The EMI or equated monthly instalment you pay will depend on 3 factors:

  • Your principal or approved loan amount
  • Your loan tenure
  • The rate of interest.

But with us, you can select your EMI based on your convenience by using our online personal loan EMI calculator.

Just input the following information and our calculator will do the rest.

  • Loan amount your wish to apply for
  • Personal loan interest rate
  • Loan tenure, select anything between 06 and 36 months
  • Click on the Calculate button

The system will display your EMI complete with the break-up of the principal amount to be repaid and the interest to be paid. If this EMI is higher or lower than what you seek to pay, repeat the steps from 2 to 4.

You can apply for instant loan for a variety of reasons like:

  • Travel—Visit your dream destination
  • Education—Gift your child the future he/she deserves
  • Wedding—Celebrate the best day of your life with a fairy tale wedding
  • Medical—Provide your loved ones with the best in medical care
  • Debt Consolidation—Repay off your costlier loans and ease your burden

No need for collateral when you apply for a personal loan from us at RDQ Finserv. The collateral-free feature of this loan makes it one of the best personal loans currently available in the market.

Apply online and get your loan application approved within minutes.

Like any other form of credit, a personal loan provides you with an opportunity to build creditworthiness and improve your CIBIL score. Paying off your EMIs with regular frequency to ensure loan repayment within the fixed tenure, will automatically improve your credit score.

The purpose of your instant personal loan decides whether you can apply for tax benefits on the same. The Income Tax Act allows you to claim tax benefits for personal loans on:

  • Education: Claim tax benefits on interests paid up to 1,50,000 under Section 80E of the IT Act for personal loans taken to fund higher education.
  • Purchase, renovation and renting of property: As per Section 24 of the IT Act, for self-owned houses, you can claim tax benefits of up to 2,00,000 for the interest you pay. If you take a personal loan to fund a rented house, the tax benefit can be claimed on the total interest paid.
  • Business expansions: Your loan interest gets added to your acquisition cost and reduces your capital gains and tax liability.

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